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uncmusic08's Journal


credit goes to Mickeyd0113

acc basketball, acc football, acdc, acting, adventure books, amusement parks, arts, as i lay dying, auditions, august, band, band camp, band competitions, band trips, baritone, baseball, basketball, bass, bassoon, beach, beach music, beds, blanket forts, brad paisley, breakfest, broadway, bus trips, cake, camping, certamen, chapel hill, christmas, coheed and cambria, college basketball, comedy, concert band, costumes, country music, cuddling, dawsons creek, day dreaming, disney movies, donkey kong, downtown, dramas, dreaming, drum corp, drum majors, drumline, edith hamiltion, field shows, flirting, football, friday, friends, gilmore girls, greek mythology, gum, guys, halo, halo2, haste the day, history, hoggard, it dies today, jcl, jimbo's, jimmy eat world, july, junior classical leauge, kenny chesney, killswitch engage, latin, led zeppelin, les mis, lights, lord of the rings, make-up, marching band, marina mcbride, miss saigon, movies, music, musicals, mythology, national championships, national junior classical league, ncaa tournament, nirvana, north carolina, orange juice, out doors, parties, partying, performing arts, phantom of the opera, piano, pirates of the carribean, plays, pocket trumpet, production, quads, quints, raleigh ensemble players, reading, rock, roller coaster tycoon, rubber bands, sawyer brown, screen plays, screen writting, sharpies, shedaisy, singing, singing in the shower, skimboarding, smithfield, snares, softball, sonic, southport, stary nights, story of the year, summer, summer nights, super nintendo, surfing, tar heels, ten sided dice, the beatles, theater, trisha yearwood, trumpet, unc, van halen, vanzant, volleyball, water, water balloon fights, waterfalls, waves, weekend nights, weekends, wilmington, x box